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Posing: You must practice your posing the whole time you are dieting. Posing your muscles properly will win you the show. I have seen a lot people who couldn't pose but should have won the show.

Music: The right music is a must for a show. Don't just pick anything at the last minute. Remember you have put a lot time and $ into the show don't do it half hearted.

Tanning: Your tan can make or break you. Make sure have someone who knows what they are doing helping you, as well as having trial run if possible.

Other Competitors: Don't worry about other people who are entering shows. You can only control how you look.

Competitions: Have fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!! You don't spend thousands of $$$$ and go through all that hard work to stress. Enjoy it.

Competition photos: Take as many as possible and hire a professional to take some as well. I wish I had all my photos from years gone by.

After competitions: Always have a rest for week plus before getting back into weights. Remember you have gone through hell and back and your body needs it. I personally have tried to get back into training to fast on many occasions and have gotten injuries/sick. Take my word havea break. Your body will love you for it.


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